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Flavors and fragrances industry or "shuffle" Summit outcome

所属分类:Industry dynamics
发布时间: 2019/10/29 20:34
China is the world's largest producer of natural flavors and fragrances, is self-evident advantages of raw materials, China has more than 800 enterprises spice flavors, spice flavors on the market share, the domestic flavor and fragrance companies were the Three Kingdoms pattern.
Foreign-funded enterprises with its economic strength and technological advantages, Chinese flavors and fragrances industry has a great potential. Internationally renowned foreign companies have to seize the Chinese market, with its famous brand philosophy, advanced technology, large-scale investment and norms, the pace of development is very rapid, flavors and fragrances in China's high-end market has become the subject can not be shaken , leading the trend of Chinese flavors and fragrances industry. However, its high cost of production, less variety, low degree of localization, management and business strategy can not fully adapt to the Chinese market.
State-owned enterprises are still the main Chinese flavors and fragrances market. State-owned incumbents because of its long history and brand recognition, quality and low price, widely favored by the users, occupy a major share of the market, but state-owned enterprises due to basic research is weak, low technical content, management tools are not flexible, service awareness is not strong, and led to the current pace of development is slow or even reverse.
Very rapid development of private enterprises, with its flexible operation mechanism and good service has won the praise of users, its market share is growing. However, the majority of private enterprises due to poor economic and technological base, brand awareness is not high, unstable product quality, comprehensive business philosophy owe, thus impeding the pace of progress. The good news is the food industry development situation is good, a sustained, rapid and healthy development momentum, the relative increase in the production of scientific and technical content, the forward processing, finishing direction, especially convenience foods, snack foods, health food, etc. developed rapidly, led the rapid development of the food flavor industry.
Currently spice flavors SMEs falter, all sectors of the upstream rising prices of fragrance and flavor companies saddled with enormous pressure on production costs, pick the downstream business attitude is ambiguous, unclear. Insiders have speculated whether the fragrance and flavor industry secretly brewing a "shuffle" campaign.
Although in recent years China's perfume fragrance industry, regardless of technology or the market have made considerable progress, however, the future development trend of China perfume fragrance industry? How prepared nowadays advocated green technology implementation? Each spice flavors How Deus Ex in the vagaries of the market?
China Chemical Network join hands in China Chemical Industry Institute of Fine Chemical Professional Committee in November held the "First China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Market Summit Forum" in Shanghai for spices flavor enterprises to build communication platform, will showcase fragrance and flavor industry green preparation technology; discussion domestic and foreign markets focus hot spice flavors; analyze trends in fragrance and flavor industry; many problems will be more than well-known industry experts for you to do on-site to answer.